Walking On Sunshine (2014 Movie) - Watch Online Free Official Trailer


Romantic musical ‘Walking on Sunshine’ will give the viewer not only a fascinating story about the adventures of the main characters, but also wonderful and fiery hits of the 80s that make you dance! After a short romance with the sultry handsome Italian Raf, Maddie in love decides that life is too short to spend time worrying and thinking, so she easily agrees to marry a guy.

A happy couple is getting ready for the wedding: Maddie sends out invitations to guests and awaits the arrival of Taylor's sister. However, getting to know her sister’s fiancé doesn’t please Taylor at all, because she and Raf also have a past, which both chose to forget about. The situation is heating up with the arrival of the sunny Italian town of ex-beloved bride Doug, who is trying to explain to Maddie that she is making a big mistake. Thus, a love square is formed, capable of either destroying the relations of loving people.

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