Unknown (2006 Movie) - Watch Online Free Official Trailer


Probably for many, the biggest nightmare will be to wake up in an incomprehensible room and not remember who you are and how you ended up here, handcuffed to a pipe. This story happened with the heroes of the mystery thriller ‘Unknown’, who came to their senses in a closed, abandoned warehouse in the company of several unknown people. For unknown reasons, five men, some with bodily injuries, regain consciousness and don’t remember anything about what happened, can’t even remember their names.

Prisoners have general amnesia. Attempts to remember something lead to nothing. But everyone has flashes from the past, from which it follows that there was a strong fight between them. A two-day-old newspaper clarifies the situation. It turns out that among the stolen at the warehouse were two wealthy businessmen, as well as the criminals who kidnapped them, but who is who? It's very difficult for five unknowns to answer this question, because no one remembers anything about himself. How to find out who to trust if you don’t know who you are?

Crime Drama Mystery Trailers 2006 Thriller
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