The Sky Crawlers (2008 Movie) - Watch Online Free Official Trailer


The plot of the anime movie 'The Sky Crawlers' takes the viewer to an alternative world where humanity has learned to exist without wars on earth, using heavenly space for this. War in the sky avoids bloodshed on earth, and people live a peaceful, calm life, watching the battles in the sky on TV. For an ongoing war, huge multinational airlines are producing a wide variety of aircraft models, which are piloted by cyborg pilots — Kildrens. Outwardly, they are identical to people and more like teenagers, but they never grow up and don't age, and they are also practically invulnerable.
One such pilot is Yuichi Kannami, who has just arrived at a military base in Europe to begin his first mission. He was called to replace the dead Kildrens, whose death is shrouded in mystery. Now, Yuichi has to fight on the side of the Rostock Corporation against the competitor Lautern Corporation. But not only aerial battles bother Yuichi, he is also worried about the strange death of his predecessor and many questions related to the past and future.

Action Adventure Animation Drama Trailers 2008 Sci-Fi
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