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Sci-fi movie 'The Giver' was shot based on the best-selling book of the American writer Lois Lowry — The Giver — and tells the story of people's lives in an ideal world of the future, in which there are no wars, there is no hunger, there are no terrible diseases, people don't experience anger and negative emotions, they are happy and satisfied its existence. But in this ideal world there are absolutely no colors, people perceive it in black and white, and they don't know another color world.

Each member of this civilized society is assigned a role from birth, so there is no need to reflect and make a choice: everything is predetermined in advance. So the young kid Jonas is assigned the role of the Receiver of Memories, which he'll receive from a dedicated teacher. But after meeting with the teacher, the world for Jonas ceased to be the same as before. The guy realized that in an ideal gray world, truth became a secret, colors faded, memories faded, and emotions were eliminated by morning injections. The reality is far worse than what all people actually see.

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