The 5th Wave (2016 Movie) - Watch Online Free Official Trailer


16-year-old Cassie Sullivan witnessed an alien invasion of the Earth, which began not so long ago, but has already brought great harm to humanity. The alien spaceship, which people called "The Others", hovered over the planet. Aiming at the conquest of the Earth, these guests very quickly get rid of its inhabitants. The first wave deprived the planet of electricity and plunged it into darkness.

The second wave destroyed cities and settlements with the help of powerful natural disasters. The third wave brought an incurable epidemic that is killing people. The fourth wave is a secret invasion to destroy those who survived the previous waves. By introducing into human bodies, aliens begin to control their mind and actions. But the 5th wave is the final stage of cleaning the planet from humanity...

Action Adventure Trailers 2016 Drama Fantasy Sci-Fi Thriller
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