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The plot of the dramatic film ‘Southpaw’ is the fate of a professional athlete and famous boxer Billy Hope, who will face difficult trials of life. By hard work, Billy won the title of world champion. He is at the top of his sports career; he has money, fame and recognition. He owes all this to his beloved wife Maureen, who always and in every way supported him. But one day, Maureen dies and Billy's life begins to crumble like a card house.

For scandalous behavior, Billy is suspended for a year, manager and friend Jordan leave him, and the last straw is the deprivation of custody of his daughter. To return his daughter, Billy must correct the situation, prove that he is able to become a good father, and for this he needs to return to big sport. With the help of a former boxer and coach Tick Wills, Hope begins to train to enter the ring again.

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