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In the plot of the dramatic film ‘Somersault’ is the story of a sixteen-year-old Heidi girl who is looking for herself, her place and love in this world. After a kiss with his mom's boyfriend and a strong quarrel, Heidi runs away from home to another city. She doesn't really understand her actions; a young girl who doesn't really know life, gets a job at a gas station, not far from the ski resort.

One day, Heidi meets a grown man, rancher Joe, and they begin a stormy romance. But both of them aren't ready for such a turn of fate. Heidi is too small and naive, she cannot distinguish love from sex, she isn't ready for adulthood, but she is desperately seeking love and closeness. Joe is a straightforward, slightly rude guy, but he is also looking for love and wants to be loved. However, having finally felt the desired feeling, he falls into a panic and doesn't know what to do...

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