Pom Poko (1994 Movie) - Watch Online Free Official Trailer


Fantasy anime 'Pom Poko' takes place in modern Japan. Progress is inexorably moving forward, the country's population is increasing, and cities are expanding. So the neighborhood of Tokyo with green hills and forests are gradually built up by people. But deforestation poses a threat to the existence of the ancient Tanukis people — raccoon dogs, which have an unusual ability to turn into humans.
Having gathered all his strength, Tanukis are fighting against developers in order to save their land and their only home. True, for this they need to again remember the art of turning into people. With the help of elders, young people practice transformation, but this art is extremely difficult. Experienced Tanuki magicians are called upon to help, after which they send a specially trained detachment. However, help has to wait a very long time, and time goes on and the development of the outskirts of Tokyo continues.

Animation Comedy Drama Family Fantasy Trailers 1994
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