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Only yesterday, the adult, 27-year-old girl Taeko was a little girl who loved to spend time in the village with relatives, collecting fragrant saffron. Only yesterday, she lived a carefree life, rejoiced in little things, played different games, and this was in the distant 1966. Now the adult Taeko lives in Tokyo, she has more problems that have to be solved independently, and not with the help of her parents, she has work and daily worries.
Having gone on a summer vacation to the village, Taeko recalls her childhood and youth, those beautiful times filled with interesting discoveries, as well as beautiful nature with mountain landscapes. During the trip, she recalls with nostalgia what she was like in those years, what difficulties she was experiencing, what joyful moments she was experiencing and what she was thinking about. Only yesterday, in the village, she was so easy and good and so stuffy in huge Tokyo. Perhaps this little trip through her past during a trip to the village will help Taeko figure out herself and find answers to questions of interest.

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