My Week With Marilyn (2011 Movie) - Watch Online Free Official Trailer


The feature film ‘My Week with Marilyn’ tells about the first steps of Colin Clark in the film industry, his passion for the world of cinema, as well as his acquaintance with the legendary actress Marilyn Monroe. As a young guy, Clark got a job as an assistant director for mere pennies, but fate thanked him for his acquaintance with the most desirable woman on the planet at that time.

The blonde beauty arrives at the set in London and captivates everyone around, including the timid Colin Clark. All men's eyes are riveted to this woman, she is beautiful, chic, sexy, but what does she feel being an object of dreams? For some wonderful days spent with Marilyn, Clark tries to get to know this woman, to understand how she feels, what she thinks. However, to solve the real Marilyn wasn't destined for anyone...

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