Godzilla: Monster Planet (2017 Movie) - Watch Online Free Official Trailer


The plot of this fantasy animated movie 'Godzilla: Monster Planet' tells about the battle of people with unknown hostile beasts for the home planet Earth. The last summer of the twentieth century showed earthlings that they are far from the only rulers on the planet. Monsters began to emerge from the ocean, from the bowels of the earth and began to destroy everything that was created by people. The most terrible monster was Godzilla, burning everything in its path with its fiery breath. Humanity was horrified by the destructive power of monsters and was forced to leave the Earth, fleeing to one of the planets of the solar system. Despite the help of other races, people couldn't resist the power of Godzilla.
Haruo Sakaki left the Earth as a child, but remembers this horror and panic during the flight. He is still not used to living in a cold, dark space. The dream of reaching a planet rich in oxygen and water turned into an obsession, a pipe idea. Haruo believes that humanity needs to go back to Earth and fight Godzilla. Over time, his ideas find support among many like-minded people and immigrant people return to the planet to regain their home.

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