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Fantasy anime 'Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker' takes the viewer to the world of the Middle Ages, where magic reigns in the lands of Orlesian Empire and strong faith in the Chantry of Andraste — a powerful religious order led by the high priestess. Adherents of the order tightly control the magicians, limiting their magical practice. But the most dangerous Blood Mages continued to be practiced in secret from the church. The Order decided to stop the practice of the Blood Mages, resorting to the most radical methods of struggle, which led to a fierce struggle and a shaky position of the order.
The balance of power in the order was supported by the Seekers, who eradicated corruption both within the order and among magicians. Among the Seekers is the young warrior Cassandra, who becomes a victim of ruthless hunting. The order accuses her of betrayal and murder. Realizing that inside the order someone is weaving large-scale conspiracies with the aim of destroying him and overthrowing the High Priestess, Cassandra is forced to stop the conspiracy and also clear her name from slander. But it's very difficult to do this, when former friends and enemies prey on you.

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