District B13 (2004 Movie) - Watch Online Free Official Trailer


Actions of the criminal movie ‘District B13’ take place in 2013 in Paris. The suburbs of the city, the so-called ghetto areas, have long been living by their own rules. Crime reigns there, and united street gangs rule. Hazardous areas are separated from good comfortable neighborhoods by a concrete wall, turning into separate states. Even the police don't look there, fearing a terrible showdown.

Police captain Damien receives a task — to penetrate the most dangerous District B13 and take away the neutron bomb from criminal authority. As partners, they give him a former prisoner named Leito, who lived in the area before the prison. Leito gets down to case because of the abduction of his sister by the leader of a criminal group and together with Damien they go to the world of chaos and crime.

Action Crime Sci-Fi Trailers 2004 Thriller
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