Dead Leaves (2004 Movie) - Watch Online Free Official Trailer


In the plot of the fantasy anime 'Dead Leaves', two friends Pandy and Retro are the real thugs, inadequate personalities who do what they want and no one gives them a decree. Finding themselves without clothes and memories of past events from their life, they understand that they need to put themselves in order, as well as get food. The only way to get what you want is theft.
And now Pandy and Retro rush along Tokyo in a stolen car with police officers, crashing everything in its path. But the fascinating trip of friends ends, and they are sent to the most terrible maximum security prison on the moon. Nobody has escaped from this evil place, and you can leave prison only after being dead. Neither remoteness nor the harsh regime doesn't scare or stop a rabid couple. For the schizoid, Pandy and Retro, prison is a new reckless adventure!

Action Adventure Animation Comedy Sci-Fi Trailers 2004
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