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In the plot of the anime 'Colorful', a human soul who has committed many sins has a second chance with the opportunity to return to the world of living people to prove to the Almighty that she is worthy of reincarnation. This good news is told to the soul by an angel named Purapura, and also reports some important information that will be useful to the soul in the new body of 14-year-old depressed and lonely teenager Makoto Kobayashi. No matter how much the soul would like to pass this test, but it has no choice.
Having woken up in a new body, the soul will face the difficult life of a teenager with all the problems of the transition period: lack of understanding with parents, poor performance at school, lack of friendly support, unrequited sympathy and much more. The soul will have to figure out the boy’s life and understand what led Makoto Kobayashi to terrible depression, complete despondency and lack of desire to live at such a young age. However, the soul doesn't even suspect that this test will be really very difficult...

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