Brick Mansions (2014 Movie) - Watch Online Free Official Trailer


The plot of the film tells about the confrontation of law enforcement officers with a dangerous gang that seized power in one of the city’s districts. A gang of criminals, led by the dangerous and cruel drug dealer Tremaine Alexander, took control of not the best Detroit area called Brick Mansions, turning it into a closed and very dangerous zone in which drug trafficking, violence and complete lawlessness flourish.

The city authorities want to demolish the abandoned ghetto houses, but Tremaine defends the Brick Mansions with all his might, for which he even steals a powerful bomb that can wipe the city’s floor from the face of the earth. To fight the gang, a police detective under the guise of Damien Collier is sent to the Brick Mansions. Only a local resident and petty criminal Lino, who knows perfectly the 13th district, can help him in this difficult matter.

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