Appleseed (2004 Movie) - Watch Online Free Official Trailer


The events of the fantasy anime 'Appleseed' take place in the near future. Most humanity was destroyed as a result of a brutal war, but now it's over and there are no winners or losers among the lucky survivors, but there are only those who need to continue to save their lives. Among such people was a female special forces soldier Deunan and her once beloved Briareos.
During the war he was seriously injured and lost his body, but his life continues in the body of a cyborg. The world is destroyed, the center of the planet has become the city of the chosen Olympus, where in addition to ordinary people live cybernetically modified bioroids, characterized by calm and lack of negative emotions. Thanks to them, life in Olympus is stable and free from any conflicts. However, something very alarming Deunan in this little utopia...

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