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The life story of two brothers who grew up in a dysfunctional family in a poor quarter. They tried to survive as best they could, their chosen path seemed the most correct even despite the cruelty of their actions, they were confident in their rightness.

«American History X» is the story of skinheads, the choice of the white race and the oppression of people who have different skin colors and different nationalities. Derek Vinyard was the leader of a local skinhead group, brutally harassing and punishing non-white non-humans.

His younger brother Danny watched his brother's life with admiration and proudly continued his journey after Derek was put in prison for the murder of black guys. Living with hatred in his soul, Derek in prison has to communicate with different people of different races. Thinking about his life, something is changing in his soul, and after liberation, the brothers’s ways diverge forever.

The theme of the feature film «American History X» affects every person, even the white race, because neo-Nazism is probably the most cruel and fanatical movement.

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