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The historical, autobiographical drama «Alexander» tells the story of the life of the greatest commander in the history of mankind, Alexander the Great. The story is narrated on behalf of a close friend, once a military leader, the old man Ptolemy, who, after the death of Alexander, became governor of Egypt.

He talks about the difficult relationship of Alexander with his father Philip II and his mother the Olympics, which he loved very much and even sometimes hated. About the young boy’s ascension to the throne, after the assassination of his father and rule by Macedonia, about Alexander’s fascination with ancient myths, gods-heroes and of course about the great battles, conquests of the most famous commander.

At the age of 20, he became the ruler of Macedonia, at 22 conquered all of Asia Minor, at 24 defeated the powerful Persian Empire, becoming king of Asia and making Babylon his home. For 13 years of rule, Alexander the Great conquered vast territories of the earth, creating a huge empire that began with Macedonia and ended in India. He was called Alexander the Great and this, no doubt, deservedly.

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