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The main character of the crime comedy ‘8 Heads in a Duffel Bag’ — Tommy Spinelli is an impudent, cynical and rude person who doesn't give a damn about the world around him. In addition, the hired killer Tommy works for the mafia, for which he eliminates unwanted people, and in such work, soulfulness is useless. On another assignment, Tommy kills eight people whose heads he must deliver to New York personally to the mafia boss. It seemed that delivering eight heads in one bag would be easy, but Tommy didn't calculate his strength when fate intervened in his plans.

The confusion with the luggage led to the fact that the bag with the heads was mistakenly taken by a fellow traveler Tommy — a young sociable boy Charlie, who goes to rest in Mexico with his beloved Laurie. Now Tommy has to go after a couple in love in Mexico to get his bag back. He has two days, otherwise Tommy will lose his own head.

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