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The plot of the comedy melodrama ‘8 Dates’ tells several romantic stories, united by the theme of relationships and love between a man and a woman. The seller at the newsstand, Antonio, has long been in love with the dear neighbor woman Sofia, but doesn’t have the courage to admit his feelings. A young guy Jesus is suddenly overwhelmed by strong feelings for a new girlfriend. And the second date of the people who are sympathetic to each other takes place in complete bewilderment and fortune-telling about how to behave, so that the meeting ends successfully.

Edu is waiting for dinner at the house of his girlfriend, whose family is worse than the Adams family. The couple, in whose relationship a crisis has come, decided to relax in the spa, where they'll have a big surprise. Someone has to fight their jealousy on a date, someone will meet with former love, and someone will try to find love, even for one night.

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