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The feature film of the outstanding director Federico Fellini — ‘8 1/2’, tells about the director himself, i.e. he makes a film about himself. In the plot of the film, the director Guido Anselmi planned to make a film about saving humanity after a nuclear disaster. His previous work was successful and the producers have high hopes for the film.

The process has begun: the actors have passed the audition, the sets are ready, but Guido feels a creative crisis. He doesn't devote practically anyone to his idea, only the viewer can observe the whole process of work delving into the director’s plan, seeing his torment, searches and the game of imagination. The movie ‘8 1/2’ is the director’s path from the initial impasse to the plot with an innovative look at the cinema of that time, it can be said, the director’s inner world turned upside down.

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