7 Boxes (2014 Movie) - Watch Online Free Official Trailer


The protagonist of the action-packed thriller ‘7 Boxes’ — a young, poor guy Victor lives in Asunción, works as a porter in the most famous market of the capital, and also loves to watch movies, so he constantly turns around at the point of sale of DVD-ROMs. Seeing a new mobile phone from a friend, Victor decides to buy a fashionable little thing, but first he needs to get a round sum of money.

Fortunately, he gets a great opportunity to earn some money when the market butcher Gus asks the guy to take 7 boxes with unknown contents to a specific address. The butcher promises a generous reward for such a service, and Victor gladly agrees. Traveling through a huge market is not a difficult task, but Victor didn't even suspect that he was embroiled in crime.

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