47 Ronin (2013 Movie) - Watch Online Free Official Trailer


Keanu Reeves plays the role of the chosen fate, but already to make revenge in the fantasy action movie ‘47 Ronin’. The plot of the film is based on an ancient Japanese legend, which speaks of samurai who decided to avenge the death of their master. Many years ago, Lord Asano took under his guardianship a found boy named Kai. Over the years, Kai turned into a samurai and became an excellent warrior.

But after the death of the master of all the ronin, a sad fate awaits — dungeon, slavery, death. The devotee Kai was thrown into prison and then sold into slavery, but eventually he manages to escape and join forces with the rest of the ronin to take revenge. Despite the threat of death, 47 ronin begin to carry out their cunning plan, because for a samurai there is nothing above the sacred path of a warrior and honor.

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