30 Days of Night (2007 Movie) - Watch Online Free Official Trailer


Living in the north is difficult, but people get used to any conditions, to constant cold, an abundance of snow, and in the north of Alaska, residents are accustomed to the fact that 30 days of night await them every year. In winter, the small town Barrow is plunged into darkness and doesn't see the sun for 30 days. This is a very common physical phenomenon for the north called arctic night. With the beginning of the Arctic night, strange, terrible things begin to happen in the city, and the local sheriff Eben Oleson suspects that this period will not go smoothly for the city.

Using the darkness, vampires prepare to feast on the blood inhabitants of the city and nothing will stop them, especially since the sunrise will not come for a very long time. But the sheriff doesn't intend to give up, his beloved woman has arrived in the city, the murder of which he'll not allow. Ahead of the city's inhabitants are waiting for the most terrible 30 days of night and the war for the preservation of their own lives with vampire killers.

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