3 Days to Kill (2014 Movie) - Watch Online Free Official Trailer


Upon learning of his illness, which will soon lead to death, the protagonist of the action-packed movie ‘3 Days to Kill’ — a professional CIA agent, Ethan Renner, decides to resign to spend the rest of his time with his ex-wife and daughter. Due to the constant employment at work, Ethan paid little time and attention to his daughter, who practically didn't see her father, but now he has a chance to improve relations and return his family. In the Secret Service laboratory, scientists have developed a new powerful drug that can significantly extend life.

In exchange for an experimental drug, the Secret Service leadership invites the best agent, Renner, to complete another covert mission to save thousands of lives. But the last thing turns out to be one of the most difficult in Renner’s entire career. The reason for this isn't so much the difficulty of the task as the unexpected side effects of an experimental drug that causes hallucinations.

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