22 Bullets (2010 Movie) - Watch Online Free Official Trailer


22 Bullets — a story (based on real events) about gangster life in one of the cities of France. Cruelty and anger, disassembly and sharing of dirty money between mobster, life in fear and the transience of human life are rather colorful and believable.

One of the godfathers of Marseille — Charly decided to retire. He worked long enough, he is many years old and his life in the past has a lot of stormy memories. But his plans were hindered by his “business partners,” who are against such a decision. One evening, in a parking lot, several masked people commit a brutal assassination attempt on Charly.

Doctors managed to save the life of a mobster shot at point-blank range by his own colleagues, having removed 22 bullets from his body. While in the hospital, Charly comes up with a plan of brutal revenge for his friends.

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