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The main character of the comedy film ‘16 Wishes’ — a young girl Abby Jensen with great joy awaits her sixteenth birthday. From childhood, she planned this day and created a list of her 16 desires, which she would fulfill. And so on her birthday, Abby receives an unknown gift from a box with sixteen candles. These candles are magical. Abby is simply happy, with every candle extinguished, her day is getting better and better, because her most cherished dreams come true.

But the birthday girl’s last wish is to stop treating her as a child, can completely ruin her future life and deprive Abby of her best friend Jay, who is secretly in love with her. Only after passing certain tests, the heroine of the film ‘16 Wishes’ understands that being a child isn't so bad, everything has its own time, and she still has time to grow up.

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