16 Blocks (2006 Movie) - Watch Online Free Official Trailer


Detective Jack Mosley is no longer young, he is tired of life and loves to drink too much, but still finds the strength to work hard and carry out his duties professionally. He must deliver an important witness to the court at a specific time after 16 blocks of fussy New York to testify in a case that could compromise some police officers.

Black guy Eddie Bunker suffers from excessive talkativeness, telling unnecessary information, and sometimes carries complete nonsense. The annoying guy, of course, isn't happy that he was drawn into this difficult matter, but he can do nothing. It would seem that 16 blocks isn't such a long way, but Mosley and Bunker have to travel for a very long time. Ahead of the fellow travelers are waiting for the chase and getting into the most dangerous scrapes, to get out of which will be very difficult…

Action Crime Drama Trailers 2006 Thriller
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