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In the plot of the crime thriller ‘15 Minutes’, a seasoned New York Detective Eddie Flemming has been standing guard over law and order for many years. He is so good at his job that it led to the creation of a TV show in which viewers watch Flemming’s investigations thanks to an operator who takes every step of the detective on camera. The show is so popular that it prompts two criminals who came to New York from Western Europe to challenge the police.

Armed with a camera, Emil and Oleg begin to record their crimes in the hope of 15 minutes of fame on television. It captures the guys so much that every time the crime becomes more violent and even comes to the murder. However, the television stars completely forgot that they'll have to answer for the law, and the police, in the person of Detective Flemming, are already scouring the city and not for the sake of raising the rating, but in order to catch and punish scumbags who felt impunity.

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