13 Sins (2014 Movie) - Watch Online Free Official Trailer


Money, money ... Unfortunately in the world, these colored pieces of paper are very important and many people want to get them as much as possible in order to satisfy all their needs and whims. But the pursuit of money often changes people, turning them into cynical, evil and greedy people. Such a chase will be faced by the hero of the thriller ‘13 Sins’ — a smart, modest and very good-natured guy Elliot Brindle, who is experiencing great financial difficulties.

For excessive kindness, the guy is fired from work, but Elliot needs money to support his brother, a beloved girl who is expecting a child and forever dissatisfied with the life of a racist father who lost his home and categorically refuses to live in an area with colorful neighbors. But a random phone call changes the whole situation. Elliot receives an offer to take part in an exciting game show, the purpose of which is to complete 13 tasks. Each new task is more complicated than the previous one and, accordingly, a larger prize pool. Desperate, Elliot starts the game, but soon realizes that the game is becoming more dangerous...

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