10,000 BC (2008 Movie) - Watch Online Free Official Trailer


Fantasy film ‘10,000 BC’ tells about the adventures of a young mammoth hunter from a primitive tribe named D’Lech. At the dawn of mankind, people survived through hunting, but they also died on it. Tribe in which D’Lech lives believes that they are the only people in the vast expanses of the earth. But one day they encounter a warlike tribe, stronger and more developed, which destroys part of their fellow tribesmen and captures part of it. D’Lech beloved woman Evolet was also taken hostage.

To save his beloved and other fellow tribesmen, D’Lech gathers a small detachment of hunters and sets off on enemy tracks in unknown lands. This journey will be very dangerous, because wanderers will meet with predatory saber-toothed tigers and other dangerous animals that can tear a person to shreds in a matter of seconds. But at the end of the journey, hunters will have to see the real city of the first civilization on the planet.

Action Adventure Drama Fantasy History Trailers 2008
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