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A man with an unusual hobby is resurrecting, the best secret agent of the British intelligence, James Bond, again performs the most dangerous missions in the action adventure «007: Skyfall». During the next task in Istanbul, Bond tries to return the stolen hard drive which stores information about all the secret MI-6 agents working undercover, but accidentally gets shot by his partner. From a huge bridge, he falls into the river and is then considered dead.

While M is trying to write an obituary about Bond, the very stolen secret information gets into the network, and soon MI-6 headquarters is undermined, thereby destroying all agents 007. But Bond would not be a super agent if he had not survived and returned to England for continued service to Her Majesty and M. This time, agent 007 has to fight not with an evil genius who wants to subjugate the whole world or take possession of all valuable resources, but with a past that threatens MI-6 and the people who are at the very center of this complex system.

Movie «007: Skyfall» is the twenty-third film in the history of Bond and the third film where Daniel Craig plays the role of agent 007. This picture is dedicated to the anniversary of Bond, in 2012, the franchise celebrates its 50th anniversary. The main soundtrack for the film was performed by the popular British singer Adele.

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